The society has eleven leadership positions. The positions are open to anyone. Three out of the eleven positions must be held by early career researchers.


Board members

Past president: Not selected for 2021

President: Lassi Paavolainen

Vice President: Juan Caicedo

Symposium organizer: To be selected

Event officer: Florian Heigwer

Communications officer: Paula A. Marin Zapata

Industry liaison: Santosh Hariharan

Operations officer: Gregory Way

Education/ outreach officer: Tom Nijhof

Society liaison: Osheen Sharma

Resource officer: Loan Vuillard

Election process

Vice President

Should be a current board member. The candidate nominates theirself by emailing the President. The President then sends out a list to the Board to vote on. If it’s a tie, the President decides.

Other positions

Anyone can nominate themselves, or others (in which case the board will confirm their interest) by emailing cytodata.info@gmail.com. The nominee provides a 3-sentence summary of qualifications and interest, and the Communication Officer send out a list for the Society to vote on. Majority of votes wins; if it’s a tie the Board will vote.